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Here are my works in order of publication.

Role Reversal - A short story written in high school Creative Writing, won 3rd in a Methodist magazine called "Youth!"

Out of Time – A Time Travel novel

Don’t Mess With Earth – Alternate history/Sci-fi 

The Usurper – A Political Thriller

Voyager and the Aliens – Science fiction Short Story
Dust Storm – Western Christian Romance Short Story
New Frontier – Alternate history, Book 1 of New Frontier Series

Times of Trouble – Christian End Times Thriller (now Book 2 in The End Times Saga)
Times of Trial – Christian End Times Thriller (Book 3 in The End Times Saga)
Final Frontier – Time Travel/Science Fiction, Book 2 of New Frontier Series

Times of Turmoil – Christian Thriller (Book 1 of The End Times Saga, prequel)
Jon Ryan – End Times Short Story (The End Times Saga)
Xavier Doolittle – End Times Short Story (The End Times Saga)
Times of Rebellion (formerly Timothy Phillips) – A Christian Novel (Book 4 of The End Times Saga)

Times of Destruction – Book 5 of The End Times Saga
Times of Judgment – Book 6 of The End Times Saga
Times of Tribulation – Book 7 of 7 The End Times Saga
The End Times Saga Box Set - All 7 Novels

The Long Journey – Christian Historical Fiction
The Falling Away – Book 1 of Perilous Times Series

The Great Deception – Book 2 of Perilous Times Series
The Great Tribulation – Book 3 of Perilous Times Series 
The Perilous Times Box Set - 3 Book Series

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