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Final Frontier - A Time Travel Novel

Book 2 of The New Frontier Series

In this sequel to New Frontier, the USS Lewis & Clark begin their search for the Soviet starship Yuri Gagarin. They find the wormhole that the Gagarin went through twelve years earlier and decide to go through it. On the other side, the crew of the Lewis & Clark find a solar system populated by aliens known as Pictorians and the crew of the Gagarin, but something has gone wrong. In an effort to figure out what went wrong, the crew of the Lewis & Clark return through the wormhole.

Returning through the wormhole, they find themselves thirty years in the past. As they struggle to wait for their future to catch up, the crew of the Lewis & Clark make changes to certain events, but they cause unintended consequences. Find out what happens in this conclusion of the New Frontier series.

Where to buy:

Available in eBook & paperback. Kindle version is only available in my store. Also available on OverDrive, Bibliotecha, etc.

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